CGD compressed air blast regeneration dryer

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CGD compressed air blast regeneration dryer 

The blower regeneration dryer is a kind of energy-saving compressed air drying device. Its function is to remove the moisture in the air through the adsorption purification principle, so as to achieve the purpose of drying the air.

The blower regeneration dryer is composed of two alternately used adsorbers, an electric heater, a closed blower, a set of switching valve and a set of control system.

Technical Indicators

Air handling capacity: 20-500n ㎥ / min

Working pressure: 0.6-1.0mpa (1.0-3.0mpa products can be provided according to user requirements)

Air inlet temperature: ≤ 40 ℃

Dew point of product gas: ≤ - 30 ℃ -- 60 ℃ (atmospheric dew point)

Control mode: microcomputer automatic control

Working cycle: 4-6h

Regeneration gas consumption: ≤ 1-3%

Working Principles

The basic principle of the air blast regeneration dryer is that when the compressed air passes through the fixed adsorption bed layer of the adsorber, the porous surface of the adsorbent can selectively adsorb some components, and the water in the air is adsorbed in the adsorbent hole to achieve the purpose of drying the air. When the adsorbent works for a certain period of time, the adsorption reaches the saturation equilibrium, and it needs to regenerate the adsorbent with hot air to restore the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent. Because the adsorbent can be adsorbed and recycled, the blower regeneration dryer can operate safely and reliably for a long time.

Technical Features

Fixed bed arrangement is adopted. The bed layer is equipped with activated alumina with excellent draught and special for air drying.

The w gate is automatically switched by PLC, the working state is displayed by liquid ft text, and the whole process is monitored in real time.

Adopt 4-hour long-term switching.

Ring block air is used in heating period of regeneration gas source and self dry air is used in cooling period to save regeneration gas consumption.

This is a low pressure dry weight.

The regeneration heat source is electrically heated.

Technical Parameters



Inlet and outlet pipe diameter DN(mm)

Total weight Kg

Overall dimension length width height mm

Power supply W

CGD-40 40 100 2400 2600*1950*2750 220V/50HZ,100W
CGD-50 50 125 2900 2600*2050*2950 220V/50HZ,100W
CGD-60 60 125 3300 3100*2050*2950 220V/50HZ,100W
CGD-80 80 150 4500 3300*2250*3250 220V/50HZ,100W
CGD-100 100 150 6350 4000*2250*3250 220V/50HZ,150W
CGD-120 120 150 7850 4000*2250*3550 220V/50HZ,150W
CGD-150 150 200 9600 4600*2750*3450 220V/50HZ,150W
CGD-180 180 200 12000 4900*2850*3550 220V/50HZ,150W
CGD-200 200 200 13000 4900*2850*3850 220V/50HZ,200W
CGD-250 250 250 14000 5400*3150*3560 220V/50HZ,200W
CGD-300 300 250 16500 5900*3450*3950 220V/50HZ,200W
CGD-400 400 300 18600 6300*3600*4050 220V/50HZ,300W
CGD-500 500 350 19500 6600*3700*4150 220V/50HZ,300W

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