PSA valve dynamic damage detector

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PSA valve dynamic damage indicator
PSA valve dynamic damage detector 1
It is suitable for the judgment of valve operation state of PSA nitrogen and oxygen plants.

Technical indicators
Working pressure 0 ~ 1.6MPa
Power supply: AC220 V / 50 Hz
Measuring tower number, two tower type, three tower type and four tower type
Number of curves: two, three, four

Advantages of valve dynamic loss sensor
1. In case of equipment failure, it can quickly diagnose the action of each valve and whether it is good;
2. When the double tower curve of the equipment has problems, it can alarm itself and quickly get the dynamic loss report of the equipment valve for maintenance reference;
3. It can reduce manual judgment time, reduce human error, and make valve dynamic damage more accurate and precise.
4. It can be used as a technical reference for equipment users, equipment manufacturers and after-sales service personnel.
5. It can record the pressure change in the tower, which is more conducive to the analysis of the adsorption regeneration of the equipment, and provide data support for improving the adsorption efficiency of the double tower for the production of finished gas.

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