Intelligent oxygen control combustion supporting control system

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Equipment status, operation parameters, alarm records and other records can be checked Friendly, simple and easy to operate Germany Siemens imported PLC control, stable and reliable Smart series touch screen imported from Siemens, Germany

Intelligent oxygen control combustion supporting control system

Intelligent control system:
The electrical control system consists of the main electric control cabinet and the junction box on the valve block. The main electric control cabinet contains PLC control system. The touch screen and switch button of the system provide all process control and start stop functions.

◆ technical features of automatic control of equipment:
1. The equipment has compact structure, overall skid mounted, small floor space, no infrastructure construction, less investment, simple process, mature products, and adsorption separation is carried out at room temperature; the key components such as pneumatic valve and electromagnetic pilot valve are imported original devices, which reduces the wear of the valve and prolongs the service life of the equipment.
2. Beautiful equipment, low noise, pollution-free, strong seismic performance, is the first choice of energy-saving and environmental protection products in the air separation industry
3. The PLC (SMART S7-200) programmable controller of German Siemens company completes the timing control, PSA process valve automatic switching, and realizes the full-automatic unmanned operation on site.
4. The “remote / local” selection button is set to start and stop the equipment locally and remotely.
5. Instrument signal adopts 4-20 mA.DC 。
6. The unit adopts advanced PLC control system, which can communicate with the user DCS upper computer, reserve RS485 communication interface, and cooperate with the user for debugging and configuration.
7. Automatic emptying function of the system: when the purity index fails to meet the customer’s requirements (the purity value can be set).
8. Online monitoring of purity and flow; audible and visual alarm when unqualified; long-term (time can be set) alarm of unqualified oxygen can realize automatic shutdown function.
9. The control system can realize the automatic adjustment and other control required within the scope of the body, and can realize the start, stop, interlock protection, PID automatic adjustment and other functions of the whole oxygen supply device.
10. The purity of product gas can be set according to the needs of users, and can be adjusted automatically through the oxygen flow valve according to the oxygen consumption of the production device to keep the purity of product gas unchanged, so as to save energy consumption of the system.
11. Manual and self pressure relief and blowdown can be realized in the pipe group.
12. Features of automatic control: Siemens PLC smart, a famous international intelligent controller, is selected S7-200 programmable controller as the core, combined with the company’s unique appearance design, it can modify the system operation parameters on site, and display the operation conditions of each system (simulated operation status, unqualified oxygen automatic processing status, alarm indication, purity fault alarm, data record, data trend, etc.) through the simulation panel. The operation process is intuitive and simple; remote control and monitoring status , automatic, manual operation and passive dry contact signal of fault prompt; with RS485 communication interface to realize DCS remote monitoring, the instrument can be calibrated directly in the air, easy to use and maintain.

◆ Printing function of equipment operation data:
Select domestic brand thermal printer with resolution of 8 points / mm and 384 lines. Embedded installation, easy to print and take paper. Fully closed design, easy to install paper structure, unique lock key joint control device patent technology, can effectively prevent misopening the paper bin door, effectively protect the printer safe and reliable work. Fashionable and exquisite appearance, small size and light weight, high-speed, smooth and clear printing, which can be easily integrated into the equipment control system.
There are three printing modes:
A.In the manual printing mode, click the print button on the operation screen to print out the operation of the equipment;
B.Automatic inspection mode, PLC every time, print out the operation of the equipment;
C.Fault output mode, when the equipment is in operation, in case of equipment failure, print out the operation of the equipment.

Intelligent printing function: take Siemens PLC SMART S7-200 programmable controller as the core, read the key operation data of the equipment, combined with the unique appearance design of the company, print the operation data of the equipment according to the actual operation of the equipment, including fault information, operation parameters, operation status, operator information and corresponding time, etc. It can make managers more convenient and quick to understand the real operation of the equipment.

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